The Headtorch – The First Sign of a Running Addiction?

At some point every runner asks themselves one dark dirty inevitable question………

Do I really need to go out and buy a headtorch?


When the answer is yes, that’s when you know this sport has got you by the balls.


After all us runners look pretty unattractive as it is right? ALL, and I mean literally all our clothes are neon, we smell permanently of insect repellent and sweat, this is without the red puffing face that comes with any good training session.

So why on earth would we want to add to this by strapping a high beam to our heads?


The headtorch is never going to be a must have accessory is Cosmopolitan, they’re never going to be sporting them on the catwalks of Milan and Paris. Mostly because wearing one makes you look like a douche.

However as the nights draw in, running in the dark can cause a few issues so a headtorch will save you from falling on your arse, getting run over or getting lost. All of which can also make you look pretty stupid.

So it is catch 22 situation, fall over and look like an idiot, or buy a head torch….and look like an idiot. 

The only other alternative is to not run in the evenings/early mornings as winter draws in. But we all know that is not an option don’t we………….


So there it is, a sign you’ve reached the point of no return, that you’d rather humiliate yourself for your sport rather than taking the sane option of staying home. A psychologist would no doubt benchmark mark this type of paraphernalia as an indicator that this running malarkey is ‘becoming a problem’.


Ps, its got a clip and three settings. 😉


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7 Responses to The Headtorch – The First Sign of a Running Addiction?

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Oh, my goodness, I was only talking about buying a head torch on Wednesday – it must be a sign of the addiction taking over! 🙂

    • Its that time of year when all the autumn winter running stuff hits the shops. You’ve got to decide just how geeky you wanna go lol. I think I’m going for the full monty and getting spikes as well.

      • TartanJogger says:

        Oooh, now I haven’t had that discussion yet, but there are a few pairs of spikes in the Run4it online sale that are calling me!

  2. I only recently started running but am already thinking of winter. I’m definately a morning person and the thought of waiting until its light out during the dead of winter seems crazy. Plenty of snow and ice around these parts so I’m definately considering the headlamp/spikes.

  3. runnermlf says:

    I think if I buy a head torch it will wake my neighbors up! Lol!

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