The Runner’s Guide To Surviving Christmas

 So it’s Christmas and the LAST thing most of us think about is moderation and our waist line. The average weight gain over the holiday period is a hefty 7 pounds. This can take the best of us a few months to shift in the new year.

For us runners too much body fat means slower times, and many of us took up the sport in the first place to lose our belly.

It’s Only One Day

Now, no one is saying we shouldn’t enjoy Christmas. I INTEND to hit the roast potatoes HARD Christmas Day. And there is most definitely a big fat slice of cake with my name on it. However remember it’s just one day, come Boxing Day portions return to normal and the sweets go away. If you start gorging Christmas Eve and continue until New Years Day you are going end up with a fat arse no matter how much you run.


It’s a bit of a British tradition to buy oversized tins of Cadbury’s Roses (Chocolates) and Family packs of biscuits and have them out on the table from the moment the Christmas decorations go up.

Well just ONE of those tiny Roses sweets has 48kcals and 3g of fat, and the family favourite custard cream has 66 kcal and 3g of fat.

To put this into easier terms to understand, you’d only need to eat 5 of these a day for 2 weeks to put on a 1lb of fat.

Sausage rolls, plates of mince pies, cakes all call out with their seductive little voices. That call to us in the middle of the night. Let’s face it, if they are in the house they are going to get eaten. Who’s will power is so good that they can leave a perfectly good homemadefatcat sausage roll sitting on a plate all alone? I still can’t NOT finish a tube of Pringles It would be rude not too right?

So the solution is……………DON’T BUY THEM!

If you don’t put the buggers in the cupboard then you physically can’t eat them.

 Liquid Calories Count

 If you are on a night out and drinking choose your tipple wisely not all booze is created equal.

For the beer drinkers, Guinness is about 80kcals per pint lower than lager which is MASSIVE 250kcal per pint. That’s more than a donut. Plus Guinness is high is iron, which is all the excuse you need.

 Santa drinking-1494677

Ciders are around 200 kcals per pint, and wine around 90kcal for a small glass. Yes even though these two are made from fruits they DO NOT count as one of your 5 a day! Nice try though.

Spirits such as vodka and gin are around 50-60 kcals per shot but its the mixers that will hurt you on this one. Redbull is the worst with around 110kcals per can. Plus it tastes horrible, seriously why does anyone drink that?

It’s easy to see how on a heavy night you could rack up your half your daily intake, or maybe that’s just me……

Either way, a glass of water in between rounds will not only help you NOT get so drunk that you accidentally break your colleagues foot at the office Christmas Party (true story) but cut down the calories you consume over the night.

Also keep an eye on the non alcoholic drinks as some of those are pretty high in sugar. A can of Coca Cola has the equivalent of ten spoonfuls.

Good alternatives are tea, soda water and lime, water, squash, and skimmed milk.

Don’t Stop Running

Don’t use Christmas as an excuse to put on the Doctor Who Christmas Special and make a big crevice in the sofa cushion.

Okay, I know this is only a few of you. Realistically most of you will also have over excited children hanging from the light fittings, be simultaneously juggling turkeys and acting as peacemaker for arguing relatives, SO FOR GOD’S SAKE RUN!Santa-Run-London-Run-4-Cancer

This season is one of happiness joy blah blah blah….in reality it’s stressful, hectic and the time of the year you are most likely to kill yourself (doesn’t that make you want to go carolling), so for your fitness, your waist line and your SANITY find a few moments to get out and run.


For some of us, in particular the mothers out there it’ll be the only time you get to yourself for the next two weeks so don’t press the pause button and start it back up in the New Year. Keep going.

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8 Responses to The Runner’s Guide To Surviving Christmas

  1. LOL so true! I try not to buy these indulgent items because I know I’ll eat them. Out of sight, out of mind.

  2. jmlol says:

    Good luck. I always eat myself so sick that I can only do a 12hr stretch of bad eating, lol.

  3. TartanJogger says:

    Great stuff: I’m with you here. I’ve just had my first festive dinner, and I made sure that half of my plate was veggies, too, so that I had less room for pigs in blankets and stuffing! I do have a dessert, though…… 😉

    • I do love my veggies, problem is, at Xmas even they are fattening where I eat dinner as they are covered with butter, honey, goosefat and God knows what! There’s always room for cake though!!!!!!

      • TartanJogger says:

        That’s true!
        Luckily my veggies today are steamed….. I can’t promise they’ll be like that on Christmas day! 😀

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