Running Memes and Rants

So now we’re all over the sickly sweet emphatically cheery new year new start bollocks.  Let’s face it January and February are pretty much the worst months of the year. If you’re new to running then after the first two weeks then your willpower soon dwindles as the bad weather increases.  If you’ve been at it a few years then you’re hoping and praying that you’ve not blown your whole season over the Christmas period, and that the weather will let you make up the difference outside and not on the dreaded treadmill.

I’ll let you in on a secret newbies, no one actually LIKES running into a gale when its coming down horizontal.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the fact people pay for a chemical peel and I get a layer of skin removed for free, but I’d prefer a nice dry spring day with squirrels and stuff.

My particular bummer at the moment is the BALLOT PROCESS. I hate it. I hate having to wait forever to decide if I’ve got into a race. Especially when this race is essentially going to decide how my entire season progresses.  Basically I can’t book up my calendar until these guys make up their mind as to whether I run their single event or not. Grrrrrrrr I hate the beginning of the year. If you are feeling the beginning of the year blues, shove your rants in the comments. Get it out runners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have just started and are finding it rough going then I promise it does improve lots. Stay with it, and here are some running memes I made to cheer us all up!  (You can also laugh at a girl who still uses paint)

Willpower alertPB

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10 Responses to Running Memes and Rants

  1. TartanJogger says:

    You’ve said it! Waiting SUCKS!

  2. Kerrie says:

    Your paint skills are great though! I’ve signed up for a race, it is a 5k though, the other race is simple enough too, make a payment and your sorted…I’m a newbie, so I do sincerely apologise, but how come you have to enter some sort of raffle for a race? Just because so many people want to do it?

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