15 Things You Need To Know When Dating A Runner

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Whether you’ve got your eye on a certain special runner, or if you’ve already got one in your life, there’s a few things you should know!


15)Runners, on average need to be fed every 2 hours. Otherwise we enter a state known as H-ANGRY. This is irritable rage that possesses a runner when our blood sugar drops below 50% carb. Under no circumstances ask a runner to answer a question or perform a comphobbitfeetlex task when H-ANGRY. For example, moving our muddy compression socks from the kitchen work top. The best foods to get us out of this state are pasta, rice and cake.

14)If you’ve got a foot fetish you might wanna look for a date in other sport. Our feet are nasty.

 13)Be prepared for some gross conversations about bodily functions

12)All runners, mtrainersale or female are obsessed with shoes. Jealous partners may find this a problem as the runner is likely to have more photos of themselves with trainers on Facebook than with their loved ones. On the other hand it makes Christmas and Birthday presents extremely easy.

11)You’ve NEVER got to worry about your beau being on a diet, however they may have some strange eating habits. Your runner may prefer your romantic meal in a blender, not be eating grains this month or it might be the wrong time of day for dairy. However chances are they will be able to out                                                      eat you at every turn.

10)Whether you’ve been with your runner for one night or one year, you’re still likely to gone runningwake up and find the bed empty next to you after a night of passion. If you are REALLY lucky there might be a note. Don’t take it personally, you’ve not been ditched, just they’ve got to hit their weekly mileage!

9)I wouldn’t romantically join us in the bath on the spur of the moment. Chances are you might find the temperature not to your liking.


8)If you’re going to date a runner, (and you FLATLY refuse to be roped into running as well) then you better get used to marshalling. This is the definition of quality time and the best chance you have of spending a major holiday with your date.

7)Consult your partner before planning a weekend away. All holiday/travel must be disneylandplanned around   the Runners World race calendar. There’s no point going abroad if you’re not going to race.

6)If a runner keeps a pair of trainers at your house then you know they’re serious about the relationship, however be warned if you’re thinking about giving them a drawer. They’ll need one for normal clothes, one for running gear, and one for race t shirts BEAR MINIMUM.

5)Guys, you’ll never have to give up your jacket to a female runner on a date. Running through snow in nothing but a bit of wicking has made us impervious to cold.


4)Runners own a lot of tight fitting clothes, short shorts, and a rear end that looks good in them….mostly.

3)Runners are generally happy laid back social people, except when they cannot run, cannot eat or are on the run up to a race. Then they become a little bit irritable………… I dare you

2)Flowers and chocolates are okay. HOWEVER being our driver on a two hour round trip to a race, cheering us on with a cheesy sign and handing us a banana at the finish is real love and will be rewarded accordingly 😉


1) Oh and if we go missing for four hours and don’t answer our phone don’t call the police or suspect us of cheating. We’re just marathon training.

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  1. This is all so true – is it bad that I don’t find any of this particularly weird though? I guess I’m really far gone… 😉

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