Runner’s Glossary for Newbies

Here are a few running terms explained. I’ll keep adding to this section and if you have any terms you would like ‘clarification’ on pop them in the comments box and I’ll see what I can do!

Cadencehow quickly you move your legs when you run. A famous running coach Jack Daniels ( might be the whiskey guy, might not) discovered that SHOCKER if you move your legs quicker you run faster. Runners now go to extreme lengths to increase their cadence for example spending all night downloading running music with 160 – 180 beats per minute.

Carb loading – an excuse to eat whatever you like the week before the race, and one of the reason why endurance sports rule.

Chips – a timing device not potato based , so you don’t have to guess how long it takes you to get over the start line.

Cool downs – stopping.

DNS – deferring race entry because of injury or a lack of preparation.

DNF – what happens when you enter the race anyway

Farlek Training – Mixing it up. For the disorganised easily bored runner (me).

Footstrike – A topic guaranteed to start a war in a room full of runners. Runners fall into two gangs, the heel strikers and the mid foot strikers and they’ll fight to the death over which is biomechanically better, Westside Story style. This girl’s mid foot hits the ground first yo, so don’t be getting your heel all in my grill or I’ll pop a cap in your achilles mo’fos.

Fuel Belt – over priced fanny pack.

Gait – whether your feet point in or out. Decides the coolness factor of your trainers.

Gels – a mixture of caffeine, sugar and salt, tastes like industrial strength oven cleaner……but fruity.

Gym – exercising with air conditioning and heating.

Interval Training – sprinting then resting, sprinting then resting, sprinting then resting etc. Boring and repetitive. Done by hardcore runners, the fast ones.

Neon – the source of all our power

Overstriders – runners who can’t keep their legs together

Plyometrics – Jumping, normally in the style of a hyperactive eight year old girl.

Recce – running a race twice

Resistance Work – Something that prevents injury but lets face it none of us do until something starts hurting.

Rest Day – A day where you just think about running instead of doing it.

Runner’s trots– when you ignore proper pre-race fuelling or have an off day and “lay an egg” during your race (entry courtesy of  Fitness Meets Frosting)

SWAG – the free stuff you get from races.

Tempo Runs – Running as fast as you can

Trainers – A runner’s children, since most would probably sell their actual children for the latest version of their favourite pair. Marshalls have been killed because they broke a lace during chip removal. Never come between a runner and any of their many pairs.

Treadmill – Running for pussies

Wall, the – the nasty bit before the adrenaline kicks in and you lose all feeling in your legs.

Warming Up – Something they do in other sports.

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